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Protect Your Right To Parent Your Child

The child remains the top priority when it comes to settling a divorce case. Each child custody case presents unique issues and all are complex. Legal issues involving children are often emotionally overwhelming. That’s why you need a reliable family lawyer to guide you for the process to get done with less hassle.
At Jerome C Payne, we know the importance of having a lawyer by your side to deal with a family-related crisis. We understand that children mean the world to every parent. Jerome C Payne, being the best child custody lawyer in Memphis, TN, is here to help you whenever you need legal assistance with child custody cases. As experienced child custody attorneys, we are well-versed with child custody laws and we are fully capable of helping you in the time of need. We know what’s best for you and your children!

Consulting a leading law firm to present the case

When it comes to filing for a child custody case, it’s important to hire a highly experienced and trustworthy family lawyer to get started with the process. That’s where we come into play.

At Jerome C Payne Law Firm, we make it our mission to offer you the best solution to the problem. We offer the best option by exploring all the best available options for you. Being a vital part of the law industry, we understand how difficult and frustrating a process can be. We work hard to reduce the amount of stress and deliver a positive outcome for all parties involved in the case.

Jerome C. Payne has the experience, drive, passion, and compassion to present your case and win it as well at the end of the process.

Understanding child custody

Child custody is a legal case presented in the court regarding the legal custody of children in the right person’s wing. It’s about the betterment of children and the custody is given to the person who is responsible enough to take care of the children.

Married parents normally have joint custody of their children. Cases like divorce, annulment, separation, parental death, or adoption are associated with a child custody case. Basically, the final decision is determined in accordance with the best interests of the children. The final decision is made by the court.

Different child custody options available:

  • Legal joint custody
  • Sole custody
  • Physical custody
  • Split custody
  • Third-party custody
  • Alternating custody

Are you ready to talk with your lawyer to present the case in the court? Contact our legal team to consult the best child custody lawyer in memphis tn. Whether you need help with child support assistance or child custody, we will be happy to help you present the case in the court.

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