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Worried About Your Child’s Future?

A child support lawyer needs to intervene when there are disagreements between couples regarding children. This crisis usually appears in the midst of a divorce or child custody. Having a lawyer help couples to come up with a better option suited for the children.

How a child support lawyer can help you?

A family law attorney can help in more ways than you know. Your lawyer can provide you legal assistance with child support.  An experienced family lawyer can assist you in-

  • Evaluating your case properly
  • Providing you proper legal advice on the matter
  • Explaining the legal options available for your children
  • Representing you at the court if required
  • Protecting your rights during the procedure
  • Calculating the potential child support fees and other payments involved in it
  • Negotiating on your behalf with the other party


Child Support is the sum of money predetermined and set by the law that is paid to the spouse who retains the primary custody of the child. It covers the child’s basic needs like –

1)  Food, housing, and clothing

2) Health and medical insurances

3) All educational expenses.

The child support is intended to safeguard a child’s future but either of parents. Child support involves a complex process that includes several factors in relation to the child.

How is the child support amount decided?

This is primarily decided by the court once both the parent completes the financial statements where the monthly income and expenses are included. A standard formula is made based on their basic income and expenses after surveying a few more general factors. These include-

  • The child’s age, gender, and background.
  • Whether the child needs any special educational needs or not
  • Whether the child has any need for special medication or not
  • The income level of each parent
  • The number of children involved in the custody
  • Family history of each parent
  • Various other relevant factors that are decided viable by the court.

Child support laws can be complex and the process of determining this can be time-consuming. You may need to hire a child support lawyer memphis tn to ease the process and assist you throughout the entire process.

Hiring a child support lawyer
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