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At first, let us discuss what Premises Liability is

Accidents and injuries caused by a property owner’s negligence fall in the category of premises liability. Premises liability is a legal concept that basically falls in the category of personal injury cases.

When you are willing to win a premises liability case, you must prove that the property owner was negligent about the safety measures in the property despite being aware of the problem. Most importantly, you must hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your case.

Hiring an attorney to file a premises liability case

When it comes to filing a case or negotiating a settlement outside the court, hiring an experienced lawyer is important. A lawyer knows what legal steps to be taken to handle a matter in a peaceful manner.

Jerome C Payne Law Firm would be happy to assist you with the premises liability matter. We will entrust the best legal team to work on your case and derive the best possible outcome of the situation.

What types of Premises Liability cases are there?

Well, there are different types of personal injury cases can be that fall under premises liability cases. Like –

  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Snow and ice accidents
  • Insufficient maintenance of the premises
  • Defective conditions of the buildings
  • Not adequate security system
  • Default elevator and escalator system
  • Dog biting
  • Swimming pool or amusement park accidents
  • Fires, water leakage or flooding
  • Any toxic fumes or chemicals

If an accident and personal injury are caused by any of the above-mentioned reasons, you have the right to file a premises liability case against the property owner.

There are 3 categories of all visitors to the property.

1) Invitees

2) Licensees

3) Trespassers

Contact Jerome C Payne for Your Premises Liability Case

At Jerome C Payne, we make sure you get to know a fair detail of the clauses and what may happen when you file the case. We take care of the whole process with legal assistance. Our Law Firm is known for delivering excellent results with a 100% success rate for premises liability memphis tn.

If you ever encounter a personal injury situation, feel free to reach out to our team for legal assistance. We will help you claim the compensation for the injury caused to you by someone’s negligence.
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